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Orthopedic Shoe-Technology is a lot more than the words may suggest - it includes the manufacturing of assistive orthopedic devices for conservative foot and leg treatment. Custom orthopedic shoe-technicians from Germany have a first class education and well trained professional skills. By using the consulting service of "The Feet-Concept", doctors, pedorthists, O&Ps and pysiotherapists can now participate from our professionality - all over the world!

Inborn disabilities and typical foot deformities mark are major challenges for orthotic or prosthetic treatment. Many deformities are of degenerative nature, caused by misloading or accidents, by Diabetes mellitus and by a variety of rheumatoid diseases.

Professional competence of orthopedic shoe-technology is shown in the individual manufacturing of custom-made inserts), orthopedic in-shoes, therapy shoes and custom-made orthopedic shoes. Those devices help to compensate dysfunctions of the human skeleton and muscular system.

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